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Are you sick and tired of your corporate job with mediocre salary and now promise of advancement? Are all those fucking yuppies making you sick? How about all the traffic and monotony of everyday corporate life? Your boss giving you shit, because you still cannot work the copy machine?

All that rat race bullshit, and the people surrounding you, all of them fake and worthless. Is that how you feel, or is it just me being sincere? Are you looking for a change of scenery, would like to work flexible hours, when you want work, not when that sad, little, bald fuck does? We might have a way out for you, if you are willing to give it a go, and make a daring escape from regular life of the masses.

Our Watford Escorts company is looking for young, astonishing women to fill our ranks. We are dealing in escort services in London, but have no fear, it does not mean you will be standing on a street in Soho, asking if a passerby wants his dick sucked. It means you will accompany wealthy and educated people to meetings, and various other occasions, and if you want to fuck them for a bit of extra cash? Why not.

If you decide to apply, be prepared and aware that we do not invite just anyone for interview, after all we are a very prestigious business. You will need to be an exceptional person, not only an elite beauty, but also smart and educated individual, you will need to hold your own in any kind of conversation, while looking so good that people will have trouble maintaining focus. You will need to keep good care of your body and general looks, no one wants fatties.

In return to your services you will be handsomely rewarded, you will be able to afford a comfortable living, all the clothes you can dream of, a car, or even save up a small fortune for your bright future. We will provide you with a free gym membership, health insurance, dental and most importantly safety during and after your working hours. We take great care of our girls, you are as precious to us as the clients, perhaps even more.

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