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Harrow was formed from Harrow on the Hill, Hendon Rural and Wealdstone districts of Middlesex in 1934, it is a suburban area with amazing architecture and spacious green parks and leisure areas. In 1965 it lost its independent status and got assimilated by London City, is now a part of the London Plan.

Harrow is also perceived as a major educational district, Harrow university and its school are known not only in England but also all over the world, the city is crowded with young students which definitely boosts the nighttime economy during the weekends, everyone knows that students need to blow off some steam during weekend nights, everyone was young once.

It is also served by numerous tube, railway and bus lines, that connects Harrows with the neighboring areas effortlessly. West Harrow is known as the bohemian part of town with numerous, charming café’s, art galleries, museums and clubs with the one of the best crowds in London and its outskirts. Harrow can be a great place to visit, or even to relocate to, it has all the characteristics of a big city with employment possibilities, sports and all the leisure you could ever want, without all the cons of living directly in the capital.

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