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Ickenham is a suburb situated in Greater London, under the jurisdiction of London Borough of Hilligdon. It used to be a small village, and the whole town is centered around area where the village center stood.

Ickenham has been in large part spared by the destruction that the world wars spread around London and its outskirts, so it is not uncommon to encounter buildings from 14th, 15th and 16th century in perfect condition, there have also been signs that the area has an archeological value. There have been four manors that made up the village during those times, two of them still remain and make quite an impression on the visitors. There is also a Royal Air Force base in Ickenham, that was opened in 1917 and function to this day.

The city is connected with the rest of London and its peripherals by tube, railway and several bus lines. Among other amenities there is a football club, a cricket course and a rugby club, as well as a gymnasium that serves a wider area. Modern Ickenham is an amazing suburban town, with all that the other big cities have to offer like bars, clubs and nice little restaurants, places to have coffee at, without all the traffic, crowds and the general big city issues.

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