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Kenton is a town, governed by the London Borough of Harrow in northwest London. First records of Kenton come from 1232, when the area was actually called Keninton, it is of Saxon origin, named after a farmer that used to live in the area that is now Kenton. An ancient road that went through the village remains to this day and is called a Woodgrange Avenue/ Kenton Road. The first public house in Kenton was built in the beginning of 18th century, and now remains as a remodeled Chinese restaurant, which is pretty disappointing.

Building the railway to connect Kenton with the rest of the area was somewhat bumpy along the way, because of both wars that took a big impact on the area, but it finally opened, which resulted in an enormous boost to Kenton’s economy, and number of population. That, in turn, resulted in a need to build more residential areas, and has given Kenton the suburb feel that still remains today. Kenton’s transportation net revolves mostly around railway and bus stations.

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