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Northwood is a charming suburb, situated on a hill in the London Borough of Hillingdon, adjacent to Ruislip Woods nature reserve, with the unique Ruislip Lido being very close by. Northwood’s population circles around 15-17 thousand citizens which is quite a lot for such a small suburb. Northwood has a hospital named the Pinner Cottage Hospital, it got built by charity donations in 1926 as a memorial to the first world war.

Northwood was of somewhat historical importance during the wars, the Royal Air Force had a significant presence there in 1939, they even built a series of underground tunnels and bunkers to use during strategic manouvers. The complex is still active today and functions as headquarters during strategic planning of British Armed Forces overseas military operations in conjunction with NATO’s Regional Command.

Northwood is connected with the rest of London by tube, railway and several bus lines that operate constantly. There are also several, prestigious school situated in Northwood, most importantly the London School of Theology, the size of its building is awe inspiring, and it is the largest building in the whole area. Naturally Northwood is also full with charming, little restaurants, nice and cozy café’s and pubs where people can watch their favorite sports in peace.

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