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Watford is a borough city situated 27 kilometers northwest of London City, England. Cassiobury Park used to be the seat of power of the earl of essex during ancient times, Katerina Russian Escort imagenowadays it got redeveloped as a charming green park. Watford is home to Watford FC, one of the best football clubs in England.

Like many other small towns in Britain, Watford was a transit town, where many travelling merchants, pilgrims and the like took a break from their travels, it used to be a rural town with several manufacture industries like paper making and stuff, until its economy rose rapidly when the Grand Junction Canal building finished in 1798, and even further when the London Railway reached it in 1837, that sky rocketed the population numbers, employment opportunities and housing, many of the paper making warehouses are working to this day, same with numerous breweries. Looking at modern Watford it is hard to imagine that it used to be a small anglo-saxon village back in the day.

This day Watford is a major commercial centre in Hertfordshire, enormous shopping malls, cinemas and leisure locales are opening all the time, bars, DJ bars and restaurants are growing in the area, wealthy people are moving to Watford, expecting to have places to spend their free time in. Nightlife economy is also significant in Watford, college towns are collecting more and more youth that needs to blow some steam off during weekend nights.

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